Some of you may be aware that the new February 2005 Community Technology Previews for both Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition and SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition are now available to MSDN Professional, Enterprise, and Universal Subscribers from MSDN Subscriber Downloads.


These latest Community Technology Previews were posted early Friday morning and are already receiving significant download interest.  Why all the interest?


Well, the Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition CTP offers a peek inside of one of Microsoft’s newest development tools.  The Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition expands upon the planned features of the Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition to include tools for remote server development and debugging and SQL Server 2005 development, among others.


And if that’s not enough to pique your interest, see the new SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition CTPs.  New features include 64-bit support for SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Notification Services, upgrade support from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005, and new SQL Server Reporting Services features.


What’s more, the SQL Server 2005 team also released CTPs for two other SQL Server 2005 products, the Express Edition and Express Manager.


To access these new downloads, just click on the .NET Passport Sign In button above.  Once authenticated, you can find the new Visual Studio CTP under Developer Tools | Visual Studio 2005 and the SQL Server CTPs under Servers | SQL Server | SQL Server 2005. 


If you haven’t downloaded them yet, Seth says check ‘em out. 




Seth Adams

Program Manager, MSDN Subscriptions