With Visual Studio 2005 releasing later this year, we’re very interested in learning more about how our subscribers manage both the Visual Studio and MSDN Libraries that are made available to you on MSDN Subscriber Downloads or shipped to you on CD or DVD media.  While this is a bit informal and unscientific, we’d appreciate any anecdotes or feedback you may have on the following items:


  • How do you use the Libraries?  Do you install the MSDN Library to replace the Visual Studio Library or install it as a standalone application and run both the VS and MSDN Library versions side-by-side?  Do you install quarterly versions of the MSDN Library as standalone versions and run those side-by-side?
  • What do you do with the quarterly updates of the MSDN Library when they arrive?  Update your MSDN Library installations immediately, wait until you “need” the updated content, update every other version, or some other frequency?
  • When was the last time you updated your Visual Studio or MSDN Library installation?

 (Of course, you’re welcome to share any other feedback you may have on your use of or experiences with the Library…  I’ll make sure that your feedback gets routed to the right people or team.)


Thanks much,


Seth Adams

Program Manager, MSDN Subscriptions