3/5/08 UPDATE: We did not launch the new platform last week as we had expected to. We decided we should delay because the data re-architecting and validation was taking longer than we had anticipated. Additionally we identified a few usability issues we felt should be addresed before the v1.0 launch. We don't have a new launch date yet, but might have one by the end of this week. Our goal is to make sure we deliver an improved customer experience when we do launch, and we did not feel releasing last week would have accomplished that, and could have provided a worse customer experience.

4/7/08 UPDATE: It is coming this week (mid week)!


In February we will launch the biggest update to the MSDN Subscriber Downloads experience yet. We’re making it a lot easier and faster to find your downloads and access your Product Keys, and we’re adding new features to help with exploring available content. 

Better organized - Easily find the exact download you’re looking for, with all product versions organized by family

Logical layout - Access your Product Keys directly alongside your software downloads

See the MSDN Subscriber Downloads and Product Keys walkthrough for a preview of what’s coming, and to find out how to give us feeback.