There have been multiple posts by people that all claim something similar:  “…I am properly signed in and have a LiveId (formerly known as Passport) but all of the download links are unavailable to me…”.  So far, my response to this problem has been “…clear your cookies, close your browser and try again…” – However,  this was intended to be a “…once in a long, long time…” fix – not a “…you must do this every time…” fix.


There are several people (John, Bobby, Eric, et al) who are reporting that they have to clear their cookies every time in order to initiate a download – which is not ideal.  I have been able to reproduce a LiveId/download bug in my development environment that is very close to this, but I’m unable to reproduce the reported issue in our production environment.  So I’m asking for your help.


What I need: If you are able to reproduce this problem consistently, I would like one of two things:

1.       Document your step-by-step process that reproduces the issue and post them as a response to this blog

2.       Log into the blog, and click on the email link on my profile page and provide your contact information so I can contact you privately for your step-by-step process


Since I can’t reproduce the issue, I’m beginning to wonder if there is a particular sequence of steps that must be done to cause the bug to activate, or a browser setting or something else altogether.


Thanks again for your help!