Many of you have successfully found the Windows 7 Beta Downloads and Keys, but some have not. Also, many of you have asked how you can provide feedback on the Windows 7 Beta. Hopefully the information below will answer these questions if you still need help.


You must have an active MSDN Subscription to download the files or claim product keys from the MSDN Subscriptions Site, and you must be signed in with your Windows Live ID. Need to Buy or Renew a Subscription?


Product Downloads:

Windows 7 Beta files on MSDN (adjust the language filters for other languages - a few have been released)

Windows 7 Beta files on Akamai (Top Downloads list) on MSDN



Product Keys:

Adjacent to the Downloads at MSDN   

On the Product Keys list pages at MSDN 


The downloads can be used for 30 days prior to activation, in case you have encountered problems or delays in claiming your product keys. You have access to 10 product keys. If you need more than that, you will need to contact Support to have additional keys provisioned for you. 



Providing Feedback on the Windows 7 Beta:

You have asked us how you can provide feedback on the Beta, since the built in “Provide Feedback” links are not going to locations available to you.


We have worked with the Product Group to get you access to the "Connect" site where you can provide feedback.


Go to the MSDN Subscriptions Home Page and sign in to Windows Live ID. Follow the instructions and links under the top Article headline "Give us feedback on the Windows 7 Beta".  If you don't see that headline, you are not recognized as an MSDN Subscriber.