1. How to get my question answered quick?

  • Create a new message, don't post a question of your own in response to another question.
  • Make the "Subject line" a short, relevant synopsis of your problem.
  • Before going into detail, clearly summarize the problem.
  • Make a concise, clear description of the problem.
  • Unless multiple problems seem related, do not mix them together, make separate posts.
  • When posting error messages, include the exact text in the error message. If there is a "Details" button, click it and copy/paste the error message itself into the post.
  • Tell if an error occurs when doing some action or using some particular software.
  • What changed in your system shortly before the problem occurred?   Knowing about a setting change or added software or hardware may be helpful in solving the problem.
  • Briefly describe your machine, OS, video card, CPU, amount of RAM, hard drive size and amount of free space.
  • Identify clearly the steps and procedures you have already used to try to fix the problem.
  • Proof-read and spell-check the post before sending.


2. Should I post confirmation after my issue is resolved?

It is useful to post back to the group afterwards, saying thanks and that a suggestion worked (or not).  That tells the group if it is a useful solution.


3. Where to submit a request for adding special NG into supported list?



4. How to submit product feedback?




5. Where to ask if I have some license related issue?