I was looking at channel 9 and realized that I don't have our MSDN Doctrine published. So here it is:

  1. Anyone can attend for free, anytime, from anywhere.
  2. We publish live technical webcasts for public consumption by those interested in developer and software architectural webcast content.
  3. We do not charge for this content. The idea is that you can attend these webcasts for free and learn.
  4. We take questions from our live audience, and do our best to answer them.
  5. We focus on less slides and will show our attendees how the technology works (app sharing, desktop sharing,etc).
  6. We do it more than once daily; sometimes even during lunch and especially after lunch (PST time).
  7. No B.S. We don't push out marketing type content (even though we're in the Microsoft business marketing organization). If someone tries, we take them out back and beat the #&*% out of them.
  8. We do this live and then record it so those who have day jobs can watch them as well as time permits.
  9. We only get the serious subject matter experts to present; where ever they are in the world.
  10. We focus our content so that's it clearly Introductory - Level 100 (you do need to know some code), Intermediate - Level 200 (you can code), Experienced - Level 300( you've been doing code for awhile) , and Advanced - Level 400 (you da man!).
  11. Finally, we love developers!


George, MSDN Webcasts