Angela Brobst just reminded yesterday that the webcasts calendars are ready for the month of April. As you know during the month of April 2005, we’ve got 100+ webcasts we’re running on Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. You can thank Jon Byrum, Shawn Nandi, Matt Nunn, Kelly Lockhart, Andrew Conway, Kim and David Anthony (husband and wife team) for pulling this together for us. We brought in some of the best and brightest speakers here again. You’ll find the MSDN Events Team here, the Developer Tools dev team here, as well as the actual SQL Server 2005 developer team here to help explain and demonstrate what Visual Studio and SQL Server 2005 can do together.



Anyway, to help you better plan which webcasts you want to attend and on which days, Angela has put together these easy to follow webcast calendars for all our webcasts programs. Here’s the links for these calendars below.


MSDN Webcasts

MSDN Architecture Webcasts

TechNet Webcast Calendar

Security Webcast Calendar

Microsoft Executive Circle Webcast Calendar

Microsoft Business Solutions Webcast Calendar

Microsoft Office System Webcast Calendar

Small Business Webcast Calendar




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