Someone asked me if I wanted to be at PDC 2005 this year. Hmm, Let me think about that. YES!!!! I want to be there! They must think I don’t care to be at these cool events like PDC and TechEd. Truth is I do, as I want to hear what customers are saying about webcasts, and what we can do to make this a better experience for all. Agree the whole registration process can be easier for all. We’re addressing that now.

Actually, saying Anthony Tsim and I were there to work the MSDN Webcasts booth at PDC 2003 in Los Angeles is an understatement. Anthony Tsim and I were at PDC 2003 in Los Angeles during the California fires.

Anthony Tsim and I tried to fly out of the Seattle Tacoma Airport on Sunday, October 26, 2003. Because all the flights were cancelled, Anthony and I decided to rent a mini-van from Avis on way. We also got three other Microsoft employees into the mini-van and headed straight down I-5 to Los, Angeles, California. We had a product manager from Map Point navigating for us, and Andy Boyd (aka The Dodge Viper Fanatic; although I hear he’s now driving a Porsche Boxster!) with us as well one other person, and I can’t remember her name.

Anyway, we drove all Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, and Monday Morning, and we got there at about 10:00 AM. I found the email I wrote from the MSDN Webcasts booth on Monday Morning at 10:47 AM PST. Poor Anthony Tsim got a speeding ticket. We got pulled over Gay Creek, California. I couldn’t find it in Map Point, but I did a search and got the grid coordinates. It’s in Glenn County, California at coordinates Latitude 39.81306 and Longitude 122.18167. Anyway, Anthony was bummed over getting the speeding ticket, so we took it easy for a while, and then started speeding again later. Here’s the email I wrote from the MSDN Webcasts Booth that Monday morning, October 27, 2003 at 10: 40 AM PST. I removed aliases and names and so forth for privacy reasons.


From: Georgeo Pulikkathara
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 10:40 AM
Subject: RE: Wildfires have shut down LA airports


I-5 is wide open. Anthony Tsim and I and 3 other ms employees were able to rent a minivan and drive down from Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA. It was 1,128 miles and took us 18 hours, and only one speeding ticket for doing 85. We left at 3:30 pm PST from SEATAC and were able to drive without traffic delays throughout the night. We're here now. Thank goodness for MapPoint 2004.


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Sent: Mon 10/27/2003 7:04 AM
Subject: RE: Wildfires have shut down LA airports

They were completely shut down last night at midnight; I talked to someone who was told by a cop to "turn off your car; you'll be here for at least 6 hours."






So are we going to be at PDC this year? Yes, we are. I hope everyone who can make the time to go will there as well. It's the best way to keep your career on the fast track by knowing what's coming out of Microsoft and its partners before others hear about it. By the way here’s a picture of Bill Steel, MSDN Developer Community Champion and myself in front of the MSDN Webcasts booth in the Ask the Experts pavilion.


George, MSDN Webcast