I like Ken Dyck’s bug reporting system. This has certainly gotten the attention of folks internally wondering how come Ken didn't use the official bug reporting system. Well maybe because he couldn't find it, or maybe he didn’t want to spend an excessive amount of time trying to find out how to do report it and what form to fill out the bug report in, when it was a relative easy fix as Ken states on his blog. I’ve been getting some feedback on things we need to improve on with our webcasts such as audio, registration, and getting downloads and PowerPoint slides. I’ve been forwarding all this feedback to the rest of the team as well as to Live Meeting product teams and the Microsoft Events registration system team to get them to see the issues with our webcast customer experience and hopefully find ways to improve it. If you’ve got feedback to share with us, you can post this to my blog or to Dean Andrews’ TechNet blog and one of us will respond back to you.

George, MSDN Webcasts