After a brief (relatively speaking…) summer hiatus, the MSDN Wiki blog is back!  Although the blog was on break for the past couple months, the MSDN Wiki project was not, and I have lots of news to share.


New Stuff

·         As Rob Caron reported, we released an update to our English site in late August that fixed some bugs, including our earlier lack of FireFox support.  We also provided some new RSS support; I’ll provide more details about this in a separate post.

·         Yesterday, Somasegar announced our Brazilian Portuguese translation wiki release.  This is our first experiment with a site closer to a “real” wiki, in that people can edit the content directly.  


MSDN Wiki v1 Plans

Overall the community response to MSDN Wiki has been very positive.  Because of this, and also to address several common MSDN Wiki customer requests, we’re in the process of migrating the MSDN Wiki Community Content functionality to the main MSDN Library docs.  This means:

·         The English Community Content functionality will be available on the main Whidbey doc set on MSDN2 by the end of the calendar year.

·         The functionality will also be available on other localized versions of the Whidbey docs—languages that will be included and roll-out dates are TBD.

·         The Community Content functionality will also be available on other MSDN documentation sets—for example, the Windows SDK, the SQL Server 2005 developer documentation, and the Office 2007 developer documentation.  Which doc sets will include this functionality and when it will be added to them is TBD.

·         Community content added to the English docs on the site will be migrated to the new home on MSDN2.  When the Community Content feature is launched on MSDN2, the English content will be removed from

·         After the community content is migrated to MSDN2, it will be searchable via MSDN Search, Google, and other public search engines.


Got questions?  Post them here, and I’ll try to respond.  If I don’t, you can complain to my manager, Anand, who blogs about Sandcastle, and also occasionally posts about MSDN Wiki.  :)


Cheers, MollyBos