Earlier this afternoon we pushed an update to the MSDN Wiki site that redirects all English pages on the site to MSDN2.  This is in preparation for our launch of the MSDN Community Content feature on MSDN2 later this week.

 Here are just a few benefits we'll get as a result of the migration of this feature to MSDN2:

  • The community content feature will be available on a wider range of topics.  Along with the Visual Studio 2005 content, the Windows SDK managed reference docs will have the community content section when the feature is launched later this week. Many other Microsoft developer doc sets will add the feature over the next few months. 
  • The Community Content will be accessible via MSDN search and public search engines.
  • The Community Content will be accessible through the VS IDE when you use online help. 

All English contributions to the MSDN Wiki beta site will be migrated and visible on MSDN2. Accounts that were created on the MSDN Wiki beta site will be active and will have the same level of permissions on MSDN2.  

The MSDN Community Content feature will be live on MSDN2 by the end of this week!

-- MollyBos, MSDN Wiki PM