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February, 2011

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    Microsoft IT and the Road to Azure—Part 1

    “There’s no rocket science here. It’s all about due diligence.” This is the first of a two-part interview. In Part 2 , we conclude with developer challenges, writing scalable applications, security and how to get started...
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    Microsoft IT and the Road to Azure—Part 2

    “For new applications, the world is your oyster. You really have the flexibility to design the app the way you always wanted to.” This is the second of a two-part interview with Mike Olsson, Senior Director in Microsoft IT. In Part 1...
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    Microsoft Services and the Dynamic Workplace

    “The bottom line is, it’s about the productivity of the individual employee.” I had the opportunity to meet with Laura Longcore, GM, IO Solutions, Microsoft Consulting Services, to talk about how Microsoft Services is helping customers...
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    The Path We Take Together

    What if you built a campus and let the students decide where the sidewalks should go? Years ago I recall reading something about Pepperdine University. According to the story, when the campus was first built in Malibu, California, there were no sidewalks...
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