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  • Blog Post: Chris Capossela on How Cloud is Changing the Way We Work

    Cloud Computing can help CIOs differentiate their businesses from the competition, securely and reliably. Microsoft Business Division Senior VP Chris Capossela reflects on Cloud Computing solutions from Microsoft, which give customers new options to offload traditional IT work, mix and match cloud models...
  • Blog Post: Spotlight on Infosys: Managing a Massive Corporation’s Footprint

    Have you ever wondered about the top challenges for one of the world’s leaders in consulting and information technology? What are some of the actions and initiatives that can help make IT greener? How can you get information to field workers when they need it? Get the answers as Microsoft CTO Barry...
  • Blog Post: In Social Media, is Privacy the First Casualty?

    Last December on TechCrunch, Rohit Khare posted an article called “ Privacy Theater: Why Social Networks Only Pretend To Protect You .” In it, he deconstructed the data breach at RockYou, in which thirty-two million user accounts were exposed via a SQL injection attack. What’s notable...
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