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  • Blog Post: Spotlight on Infosys: Managing a Massive Corporation’s Footprint

    Have you ever wondered about the top challenges for one of the world’s leaders in consulting and information technology? What are some of the actions and initiatives that can help make IT greener? How can you get information to field workers when they need it? Get the answers as Microsoft CTO Barry...
  • Blog Post: Can CIOs Stem the Big Spending Tide?

    Originally published October 11, 2010 Too often over the years IT has been accused of big spending without big results. And with the recession adding new financial pressures, it’s time for CIOs to stem the tide and demonstrate their fiscal responsibility. How did we get here and how do we fix...
  • Blog Post: With the Cloud, What Happens to Outsourcing?

    Originally published on the Microsoft CIO Network. Join today . Over the years, outsourcing has been a proven strategy to lower costs, manage complexity and free IT to become more strategic in making the business more profitable. But with the emergence of cloud computing as a viable alternative to...
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