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October, 2007

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About Microsoft on ISVs

The ISV Team blog from the Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism Group is designed to provide Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Software Developers around the world with helpful information and insights about Microsoft technologies, partnering with Microsoft, and also showcase stories of partners developing innovative solutions on the Microsoft platform.
For more information and resources related to partnering with Microsoft, please check out the Microsoft ISV site and Inside Out on Channel 9 to watch insightful video interviews with many of our partners.

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Microsoft ISV Team

  • Microsoft on ISVs

    Real World SOA

    My name is Sonny Ali and I am a Program Manager on the Global ISV team responsible for the technical strategy in the ERP and CRM sectors. As we all know, the ERP and CRM sectors have been going through unprecedented consolidation. Mergers and acquisitions...
  • Microsoft on ISVs

    How Important is Green IT?

    As recently seen in Computerworld, Gartner has put “green it” at the top of the list of strategic technologies for next year. We see a growing demand for information and solutions to help companies reduce energy consumption, do more with less energy,...
  • Microsoft on ISVs

    Are you ready for Windows Server 2008?

    If you and your development teams have been looking for the chance to build your Windows Server 2008 skills, now’s the time. The Microsoft Learning team just announced some new readiness resources for Windows Server 2008 . Here’s what’s new: ...
  • Microsoft on ISVs

    My Top 10 Microsoft Web Resources

    Over the past four years I've gone through a pretty dramatic shift in career focus. I started off developing C++ COM assemblies for medical devices, shifted towards web development, launched a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, and most recently became the...
  • Microsoft on ISVs

    Microsoft Releases ‘HealthVault’

    Hi, I’m Keith Cox, Director of Business Development for Healthcare Global ISVs in the Developer & Platform Evangelism organization. In my role, I focus on driving business opportunities and platform adoption with our largest Global ISV partners. I...
  • Microsoft on ISVs

    “How can I partner with Microsoft if I’m afraid they might eat my lunch?" – Installment 2

    In my last post, I shared a couple pearls of Microsoft partnering wisdom, namely: “ Be a technology partner first” and “ Co-opetition is natural ,” and said I would share a few additional insights in my next posts – so here they are: Advice Tidbit...
  • Microsoft on ISVs

    Microsoft Releases the Source Code for the .NET Framework Libraries

    Now that’s a headline you didn’t expect to see. Scott Guthrie posted on his blog that we are providing developers with the ability to download and browse the source code for the .NET Framework Libraries. This will come with Visual Studio 2008 and .NET...
  • Microsoft on ISVs

    Rock and Role of an Evangelist!

    I am Nat Natarajan, Director of the ISV evangelism team responsible for engaging and enabling some of the largest ISV’s in the world to adopt our platform. I am a fan of “team blogs” and it is with pleasure that I am joining our team of bloggers. In my...
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