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November, 2007

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About Microsoft on ISVs

The ISV Team blog from the Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism Group is designed to provide Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Software Developers around the world with helpful information and insights about Microsoft technologies, partnering with Microsoft, and also showcase stories of partners developing innovative solutions on the Microsoft platform.
For more information and resources related to partnering with Microsoft, please check out the Microsoft ISV site and Inside Out on Channel 9 to watch insightful video interviews with many of our partners.

Thank you,
Microsoft ISV Team

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    Helping You Put All the Pieces Together…

    Last time I wrote about the advantages for partners around early adoption of our platform. Today, I want to take this discussion one step further and talk to you about specific resources you can utilize when integrating product and platform pieces to...
  • Microsoft on ISVs

    Innovation through Collaboration with ISVs

    Greetings! My name is Persio and I manage Microsoft’s relationships with several of the leading ERP, CRM and Enterprise Search ISVs. In earlier blogs, my colleagues ( Karl and Raj ) talked about how to partner with Microsoft and why Microsoft is...
  • Microsoft on ISVs

    SQL Server Migration Made Easier

    Ensuring that your current applications will run properly on a future product version can be a daunting task. Scalability Experts has made your life a little easier with their FREE upgrade assessment tool. The SQL Server Upgrade Assistant will help you...
  • Microsoft on ISVs

    Unlock the Value of Enterprise Applications

    My name is Anu Chawla and I am a Program Manager on our Enterprise ISV team. I am responsible for technical evangelism and readiness for enterprise customers running applications from SAP and Oracle. Customers make significant investments when they buy...
  • Microsoft on ISVs

    Two Goliaths with One Stone

    Goliath was a nine-foot, bronze armored Philistine giant. I’m sure he had hair between his teeth and ate little boys for breakfast. However, he didn’t intimidate David, who killed and beheaded the giant, beat the Philistines and later went on to become...
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