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Win a Ticket to TechEd by Telling Us Why You’d Like to Come!

Win a Ticket to TechEd by Telling Us Why You’d Like to Come!

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TechEd is only 2 weeks away, and we’d like to hear from you on why you’d like to come to the premier Microsoft event across the Middle East and Africa!  Submit your reasons by commenting on this blog post, and the top blog post response will receive a free entry pass valued at approximately $1,000 USD!  Please include your email address…learn more about TechEd at

  • it's simple , because i admire every thing related to Microsoft , i love to hear , see and understand what Microsoft doing and will do every day , Microsoft give you something new every moment , that's why i love to come :)  

  • sorry , my email :

  • I really want to attend the Web Platforms and Cloud Computing & Online Services part. Its the prefect platfrom for expertise, connections, and insights on the topic. Its also a great chance to interact with the brilliant experts from microsoft who can answer all those What If, Can I questions. I missed it our last year and would love to attend it this year.


  • That's simple! 'coz we live on Microsoft Technology, we work on top of Microsoft Stack, we communicate by Microsoft framework!

  • Before couple of years, i attended one of Microsoft Events, and it's really fire the passion on me a lot, I want to attend this event simply because i expect to get this passion again, because it's really different when you study/work with passion.


    Dareen Kharis:

  • Well, I have a story about that..

    Last year, I won a free pass to TechEd ME 2010 & for some reasons I couldn't attend.. I was so mad when I saw what I missed on photos or blogs..

    & all I've been thinking about for the last year is how to attend the coming one..

    I wish I win this one coz I know for sure, no matter what, I will attend..

    I wanna be there and share everything I have.. get the knowledge from the greatest people and tell my friends about it..

    Plz check out my blog to see wht I usually do, and what I wanted to do to TechEd so alike..


    Baraah Omari

  • I forgot my email adress, sorry

  • Give me ticket. Thats all :)

    ectoplazm (o) g_m_a_i_ldotcom

  • simply i adore every thing related to microsoft ... and sure i would love to be there with this great family ... i wish as an MSP ( microsoft student partner ) to be there so actually  i have a dream every week , and my dream for this week "microsoft techEd "

    " if you can dream it you can do it " i dont know if this quote will be effective here  :)

  • I was a Microsoft Student Partner for 2 years and selected as the best MSP in Lebanon 2010. Also, I got graduated recently and currently running a user group as a community lead.

    I always dream of attending a gigantic Microsoft event like TechEd. It’s quite a HUGE part which I’m missing throughout my community life.

    It will be rewarding for me to meet the experts of my region, the company that I have been passionate about, and the latest technologies which I love & use!

    Thus, it's a simple acronym: Learn, Collaborate, and Share!


    Email : a(dot)rebaie(at)live(dot)com

  • I wanna help Microsoft Fighting its Market Share and be a good Ambassador in positioning its technology :)

  • It may worth Microsoft  slavery!

  • Because it is the best place to learn about new Microsoft technologies in a space full of professionals. Regards!

  • I would like to come visit TechED for the following reasons

    - The best Technology company in the world giving our tested research / products to get our everyday productivity up as well as grow us as nation.

    - I am great fan of Microsoft Technologies and would love to hear right from the horses mouth.


  • just one line:

    "Because I adore Microsoft and It's people for the beauty and advancement they are bringing in the world of technology - therefore i would like to attend TechEd to meet such great minds and learn.. :)  "


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