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Windows Server 2012 IT Pro Boot Camp - WATCH LIVE September 16th-17th 09:30 (GMT+4) #ws2012dxb

Windows Server 2012 IT Pro Boot Camp - WATCH LIVE September 16th-17th 09:30 (GMT+4) #ws2012dxb

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  • Kudos To MS Gulf ....As both days are weekdays ,Realy helpful to those who cannot attend..Thank You All..Hope we shall participate for the Prize Draw through Online too :)

  • Good Morning everyone, this is going to be great.... will not be able to make to the event... but with live streaming... guess its a win-win situation for all!

    Hope the streaming will be good... wishing MS team the very best.... and thank you once again for bringing up the session... cheers!

  • Really Great. Definitely it is going to be a great event. I am also missing this. What to say. Bad luck. Good to hear live streaming available. Will be online to be with you team.

    Cheers !!

  • I wish i would be there but gets last minute work since it is working day anyhow will be attending online

  • Well I thought it is Video i dont know if its working with other but not with me ... can some one help to fix if this is Video Event

  • I am also trying to view the Online Event Video and does not work as expected.

    Please help....


  • ITs not working ,Is it working for any one

  • Hi good morning everyone...sorry i will not be able to join the event but im viewing live streaming.

    Thanks natasha and the rest of ms team.

    Regards to all...

  • Good Morning everyone,will not be able to make to the event

    Mohameed Atef

  • ill attend tomorrow as today i was not able to attend this.

  • Good morning everyone,

    A big kudos to MS Gulf.vedio and voice is very clear.

  • Streaming is not fine. any way thanks for the LIVE!!!

  • Kudos to the Microsoft team!

    One comment for the camera man, can he focus on the slides more while being discussed and not just follow the speaker as he refers to slides and we are unable to follow up and get the big picture since we are not there.


  • I attended this event today .. really interesting .. much more new features has been added in windows server 2012 ... Good Work Microsoft Team!!!!

  • it was a great experience to attend such event , thanks to Microsoft team  

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