Probably you remember IllumiRoom, this Microsoft project that projects images beyond your TV.

As you remember, this is a system though to create an immersive experience for XBOX 360 that requires a Kinect an a Projector.
In the end is an Augmented Reality system that extends your experience to the whole room, just, AMAZING.

IllumiRoom de Microsoft se convierte en SurroundWeb


It’s viability was complex as the cost is high, Kinect, Xbox, big TV, great projector,… the thing is that finally IllumiRoom just brought SurrondWeb, a new project from Microsoft Research that is based on the first one.

SurroundWeb is feed by a set of depth cameras and projectors that generate kind of browser 3D. Let’s take a look to the next demo to have an idea how far we can go with this new project.

IllumiRoom de Microsoft se convierte en SurroundWeb


Still is a project a bit expensive to implement at home but nothing is expensive when you are passionate about technology :)

Enjoy the video and kindly find more information in the next link: