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July, 2005

  • Misha Shneerson

    NewsGator and VSTO Outlook support

    Until recently people had "tough" choice to make - in your Outlook either run NewsGator or Outlook COM Add-ins with VSTO support. Both of these did not work together. This is because NewsGator did not support .NET Fx 2.0 which is required by VSTO. ...
  • Misha Shneerson

    Closing Documents Programmatically is not simple

    Both Word and Excel OMs have APIs that allow closing documents programmatically. I suppose there are some scenarios when people would like to call ThisWorkbook.Close() from within their document customizations. This has some interesting effects when such...
  • Misha Shneerson

    Menus for VSTO Smart Tags are dynamic

    One quick tip today. Since VSTO Beta2 we have added SmartTags support for document level customizations. How to create those is covered by Paul Stubbs here and in a video tutorial here . However what is not obvious is that one can dynamically change the...
  • Misha Shneerson

    Starting up

    When writing VSTO projects the developers are asked to write their startup code in an innocuous event handler e.g. ThisDocumet_Startup. VSTO project does a good job of making you believe that this event handler is where the game begins. However, the class...
  • Misha Shneerson

    Another VSTO blogger

    That would be me - Misha Shneerson. I am a developer in VSTO team. My career has been evolving around Office Programmability since I joined Microsoft almost 5 years ago right before Microsoft Office XP Developer has shipped. Then came one of the re-orgs...
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