Today I got a word that the video recordings I’ve made with Amanda Silver on the topics of Type Embedding and Type Equivalence did get published. My face is clearly should have been shaded out – but Amanda looks fantastic! Anyway, may be you will find this videos interesting. They are in the MP4 format so you need to have the corresponding player installed. Or see the below embedded player.

No PIAs: The Problems with Primary Interop Assemblies (PIA) - Part 1 of 4 (video)

No PIAs: Under The Hood - Part 2 of 4 (video)

No PIAs: Type Equivalence - Part 3 of 4 (video)

No PIAs: Versioning Object Models - Part 4 of 4 (video)

Also check out the entire library of other people from Microsoft that were recorded just before the PDC. To see the list of episodes click the multiple windows icon.