Ok, Legal was called for another innocent matter and had nothing to do with the fight, but it made you stop and read no? (everyone loves gossip).

I did however pick a fight (not so much a fight, more of a healthy discussion) with a fellow Evangelist over in the Adobe space (No children were harmed in the making of this thread it just ended up being a classic old skool flame war a punch was thrown, a girl cried and kittens were saved).


Now, before I explain further I should clarify something. In my interview process with Microsoft I was given a dummy scenario by Chuck on how I would "Evangelise" the Microsoft product offerings to anyone in Australia (yeah, quite the question isn't it).

My answer was simple (not even sure it was the right one to be honest). I'd find the most vocal person who hates us, and pick a fight and I would do so knowing I would loose. Chucks not easily impressed but I think I struck a chord (must have, he gave me a tick for yes hire this guy) with that answer.

The reason why is simple. People love or hate Microsoft as a brand, each to their own. Yet if I am going to help the development community gain insight and awareness into solving problems they face it would help to also hear why they hate the brand (most of it is noise, but there is at times substance behind it and I'd like to work on ways to change this? crack it or something along those lines).

The Fight.

So, Ted Patrick a guy I respect and enjoy a good banter with about brand wars (I usually go the opposite just to annoy him) made an official post today that he thought WPF only exists to upsell Windows Vista (So in true translation, it was two kids fighting over who would win in a fight, Wolverine vs Spiderman).

If you're still reading, you don't mind the odd piece of politics ;)

My stance was simply "err, nope and here is why". I respect Ted, but it was this one occassion where I felt the anti-Microsoft pitch was a off base and usually I'd leave it as being a "Oh that crazy Ted, up to his usual mischief again" - but I was in a playful mood and thought why not trigger a discussion to road test my new found perspective(s) on both camps offering(s).

Suffice to say that was totally a BAD move to make, and as you will read, I started to look for ways to back out as it was getting into a personal slug fest and at one stage it was two on one (FYI: Ted is a Flex Evangelist, and Mike Chambers is the Product Manager Developer Relations Manager for Apollo).

Anywho, grab some popcorn and read away. Hopefully in two days HR and Legal aren't knocking on my door and handing me the walking papers. If they are, "..Will code SideBar Gadgets for food.."

Click here to read the rant(s). I also wrote an article in November 2005 on why I hate brand politics. To date it is one of my most popular blog posts ever, and was quoted quite heavily. I should point out it contains rude words and I was on a three coffee's a day drinking habit at the time.

(Note this is not an official position from Microsoft, its solely the ramblings of a Microsoft employee suffering from blog-substance-abuse ;)).

Not bad for my second week? Can't wait for what next week has to offer :)

 NOTE: I pulled this post earlier on the week simply because I personally thought It maybe a bad move given my fresh start to Microsoft. I got a comment from within asking why I pulled it down? it makes it look like I was told pull it down. This wasn't the case, it was simply due to me thinking that maybe I overstepped the line.

 Yet, as a collegue would say: "Show me were that line is, so I can rub it out".

I love this job each day I turn up for it.