I've noticed Wynapse.com has linked back to this blog on a number of occasions, and me being the curious type that I am decided to take a look at this blog.

It's one of the best community resources for Silverlight out there at the moment and I for one have added it to my RSS Read list. That being said, if you check out the "Tagged Articles for Silverlight" it's a goldmine of must read links.

I'd also love to hear from others whom have blogs dedicated to Silverlight - that aren't MSDN.com! :)

On a side note, Ernie Booth - Silverlight internal guy ;) - has also put up "Snoop" for Silverlight. Snoop is something I've used a bit since Joseph Cooney (WPF MVP) showed me it a few weeks ago (it essentially reflects the bits inside WPF via a GUI - and well now it does the same for Silverlight).