Ever since I came to Microsoft, one thing has bugged me and that is my blog's look and feel. It's great that I'm housed on Community Server, but the look and feel isn't me!

Since I'm about to kick off to New Zealand to hang with all other creative folks in the snowy town of Queenstown, I decided I can't show-up unless my blog get's a design overall.

Tonight, I give you MossyBlog v3.0 - code named "Nexus".

It's based off a Flex Application I was writing a few months prior to joining Microsoft and given my focus has been on RIA, I thought I would go for a mock-Rich Interactive Application look and feel.


If I can figure out how to swap the Masthead for Silverlight, I'll even make it interactive! Sadly though we don't get access to the actual code housed within Community Server, so I'm kind of restricted to CSS Overrides and inserting "Badges" into the "News" section like everyone else at MSDN.com

I'm also making some badges tonight to coincide with my RIA Producers post. I saw a few blogs around the new with them (they made their own based on my gradient graphic) so I thought, why not make one that's official passport like.

To the right you will see the graphic so far. I'll make some more each with the little character guy color coded to represent which type you are.

I'm also looking to firm the RIA Producer concept up and get more community input into it, so expect to see more of this as I get time to produce.

On a side note, I'm now the RIA Blogger for MIX, in that http://www.visitmix.com/blogs/Mossyblog will soon have some RIA centric posts, so keep an eye out for that (I think I'll mirror them here as well, that or a pointer to it).

Scott Out.