If you've managed to walk away from the blogsphere, the usual Tech writers have written about BuzzWord and how Adobe has acquired them. The main reason they write about this is, well it hints at an Office doomsday signal.

It really doesn't in the end. You're dealing with an online tool pushing the Web 2.0 buzz a little further than most granted, but in the end this is really about two things for Adobe.

First being is that it attempts to underpin the value of their Adobe Flex product(s). It signals to the world "Told you our Flex stuff is powerful".

Second being is, that it attempts to qualify the idea around how Adobe AIR could be used in a desktop environment whilst at the same time creating a "bridge" like link between Adobe LiveCycle and Flex using a work centric tool like BuzzWord.

What does this change in terms of tomorrows work environment? it may empower the workforce to collaborate on word centric documents through a RIA driven experience. The end result though may or may not be a serialized / manifest driven file (PDF, DOCX, Other).. How does this then impact existin workflow, software integration and so on.

Yet, May being the operative word.

The problem ahead with all of this is simple, the outcome is still fragmented discussion, the roadmap beyond the acquisition is based on speculation and theories and more importantly, what is the developer ecosystem centered around all of this look like? Adobe AIR will let you play only in a Adobe locked down environment? Flex still needs more mature developers attached to it and existing .NET Technology houses will need to invest in new technology, new communities and new roadmaps - all the while, swapping out Office Word?

In my experience, Adobe need to figure out a few more things before this is to be hailed a roaring success, mainly it's going to be around LiveCycle sockets being housed within Enterprise, AIR will need to be told in a better light and last but the most important of all, the entire developer base needs to grow in double digits year on year.

RIA discussion be damned, this has a bigger story that needs to be told - before - you enter the RIA discussion.

Office suite isn't just about the installation experience, there is an enormous ripple effect that happens when an enterprise decides to upgrade let alone shift technology all together. Connecting pieces still play a role, and whilst BuzzWord may have a hint of what Office has, it's still in the end a graphical representation of a gear within a corporate environments workflow. The trick for Adobe is, to grow that further and that hasn't changed the current discussion today one bit..

Adobe LiveCycle or bust.