I'll cut to the chase on this one. Seem's Mike Downey at Adobe suffers from Silverlight related issues whenever there is what I'd call an "Adobe Compete" situation (positive story around Silverlight or Flash).

I accept the notion that maybe I'm a bit paranoid, I don't know but you judge for yourself. Seems to happen at "Flash related" key moments in time and that's pretty much it?

(Did both a Google and Live search and weren't able to find any hints of Silverlight + Mike Downey related issues beyond these specific blog posts that well at the end of the day are somewhat Adobe compete?)

You be the judge... i do hope I'm wrong on this and would prefer to be actually.

Friday, September 21, 2007 3:40 PM
Halo 3 & Silverlight

Interesting. When I visit the game guide that you've put on the Silverlight page it tells me that I need to download Silverlight in order to view the guide - even though I already have it. What's up with that?


Mike Downey, Adobe


20 November 07 12:54 PM
Ice Cube's UVNTV.com Goes Live with Silverlight

Hi -

Congratulations on building one of the first Silverlight sites.

Just wanted to let you know that all of the audio in your Silverlight video is out-of-synch with the video.

Also, in order to view the video I had to leave your site via a link out to microsoft.com, download a 4.7MB Silverlight update installer (Mac) to my desktop, hide my browser and find the DMG, double-click the DMG to unpack it, double-click the installer, click through the installer, and restart my browser - losing the page that I wanted to watch in the first place.

16 January 2008, 9:17 AM
A Flash Guru Talks about Silverlight

I'd like to watch this video but the moment I hit the page it warned me that I needed to update my Silverlight install, taking me away from this site and over to the Silverlight download page, which told me I already had the latest version. I'm running Safari on Mac OS X 10.5. Any thoughts on how to fix this? 

Major bummer. Jesse is always entertaining.



Tim Heuer has already covered some of this off before via