I had to laugh tonight, as the Adobe folks decided to burst Mozilla folks bubble around the whole Download Mozilla Day event (classic gimmick to get Mozilla penetration numbers up, nice marketing ploy though..).

Ben Forta @ Adobe.com:

There have been over a billion downloads of Flash Player this year alone (less than 5 months), which averages out to over 6 million a day. And we've actually publicly stated that we've had days where downloads exceeded 10 million in a day.

Ryan Stewart @ Adobe.com :

So there’s not actually a world record to break, but to put that in perspective, we get 8 million installs of the Flash Player…..on an average day.

Ted Patrick @ Adobe.com :

I see is that Adobe Flash Player has seen installation spikes daily that go into the 14 Million to 25 Million per day range.

It sounds like Adobe folks would be great story tellers about the Fish that got away...

I'll leave you with this quote from a famous American:

...There are lies, damned lies and statistics...
- Mark Twain

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried :)