I’ve been asked this a thousand times and i often give a thousand different answers, as typically each time you ask me, I think of something new to do with it and respond.

Deep Zoom is one of this fascinating differentiators we put into Silverlight that can be used and abused in a multitude of ways, often the only limitation imposed with it’s usage is imagination.

My personal favorite usage of Silverlight DeepZoom was actually watching a member of my team, Arturo, give a presentation on Expression with it. Arturo being the creative soul he is, decided to tell a story in a non-PowerPoint way (hey he’s a Microsoftee, so extra bonus points for this). This to me was exciting and fresh, as the medium went beyond the browser in so many ways, it now become an outlet to convey a message or story.

Tonight, I saw the same concept by Scott McLoud on Ted.com. Scott gives a brilliant lecture on the Understand Comics and he focus the attention on combining the old with the new, specifically how do you take a comic strip found on paper today and introduce a new approach to the medium of telling the story.

Watch this lecture on Ted.Com, and now to answer your question about what should you use Deep Zoom for?


Answer is simple, you tell me. Arturo has already.