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February, 2009

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What's in a MossyBlog anyway?

Define: Evangelist

There are a lot of definitions as to what an Evangelist does. For me it's simple, someone whom is passionate about Technology and wants to talk to others about it. To provide an informed opinion on a subject matter that isn't a sales pitch and is about changing perception.

(Edit: in 2007 I was a RIA Evangelist for Microsoft. I'm now a Product Manager for the Rich Client Platform team, with a focus on Silverlight)

Define: Mossy

So, you've come to this piece of the web to find out more about why this blog exists and what is with the name "Mossy". Let me explain.

 It all started many moons ago, when Seinfield was still being talked about around the water cooler. In one episode, Kramer was adopting Da Vinci's polyphasic sleep. In doing so, Kramer was sleeping 15mins per hour and began to see things in a whole new dimension (essentially his brain was in creative-override) and... well, maybe I should just qote Kramer himself:

KRAMER: (enthusiastic) Oh, I'm percolating, Jerry. I'm telling you, I have never felt so fertile. I'm mossy, Jerry. My brain is mossy. Listen to this idea. (fetches a spoon from the drawer) A restaurant that serves only peanut butter and jelly. (clicks tongue)

So that's how Mossy fell into the equation initially.

I also own another blog called "" - which is based around everything inside the Rich Internet Application space (Adobe, Google, ORACLE, Microsoft and just about any thing I can get my hands on that even hints at great web 2.0 evolution).

 Define: Scott Barnes

I won't bore you with my bio, other then to say I once lived in a small outback town called Cunnamulla. I now work for Microsoft, and so basically there is a great story to be told on how I went from being a country lad, growing up in the outback to now working for one of the biggest corporations in the world and being paid to talk about stuff I love dearly.

At Microsoft, I worked as being the first Microsoft RIA Evangelist, focused primarily on the Web space. I originally was heavily involved in the Adobe community, focus being on products such as Adobe Flex and Coldfusion. I still today continue to monitor and use these technologies (others included) so that when I have discussions with various folks around the world, I'm not coming across as a "Microsoft Fanboi" as some would easily say.

Today, I am embarking on a new career change as a Product Manager within the Developer Marketing (Rich Client Platform team). My focus will be on Silverlight and i'll be keen to ensure we grow this great product beyond expectation(s).

I like to think that Harmony is probably the best word to be used when I discuss things. As although I will be showing off all the goodness centred around WPF, WPF/E , Silverlight, ATLAS, SideBar Gadgets, Live Gadgets, Slideshow Gadgets, Expression Suite and anything that even smells of Rich Internet Applications I still will keep it relevant and openly honest.

Its not about unbridled brand loyalty, its about being relevant and empowering developers to reach their full potential. It's a belief and we just so happen to have some toys to complement this belief.

My only terms and condition of reading this blog is that you keep an open mind and excuse my poor grammar and spelling.


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