I’ve never really been a fan of and it’s approach to content vs. advertising. If anything, it’s probably the best example of an online site carpet bombing the end user with advertising that well basically offends.

They’ve now turned it up a notch, to a level that even I am absolutely amazed about – not to mention Aral Balkan from <head> fame is absolutely livid about and with cause to.

They’ve spun up which seems to be an offshoot the stupidity of sys-con but now with even more subtle bad form. In that they’ve taken folks whom have allowed them to use certain articles etc and made them look as if they are authors whom run a micro-site on the said domain.

My name is on there and I'm somewhat offended by it as i think they’ve abused the trust and relationship I’ve given and If I could get our LCA folks to act with grounds i would of.

None the less, Aral’s fighting the good fight here and i think all should stand behind him on this one. As it’s very unethical what they are doing.

example of advertising stupidity.



So… once wasn’t enough, twice? all on a page that has absolutely no content? it just looks tragic & desperate.