July, 2005

  • MSN Shopping Insider

    The new MSN Shopping goes live

    Today is a very big day for MSN Shopping. As many of you know, our team has been hard at work building a great comparison shopping experience for consumers. I am extremely pleased to announce that the beta has now gone live. This release (which was in...
  • MSN Shopping Insider

    MSN Shopping Officially Launches New Beta Site

    I'm very psyched to officially announce that our new beta site is up & running. This is MSN Shopping's most signficant upgrade in years, and includes a variety of new features that help consumers quickly and easily find what they are looking for amidst...
  • MSN Shopping Insider

    Pssst.....Silent beta launch this weekend

    We will be officially launching our new beta site on Monday, but you can check it out this weekend at http://beta.shopping.msn.com/ We'll provide much more information next week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please let us know what you think...
  • MSN Shopping Insider

    Talking about the new & improved MSN Shopping

    As we’ve previously mentioned, we are making many changes to MSN Shopping, many of which will be available publicly when we relaunch our beta site. Deborah Rothberg at Microsoft Watch wrote a great article about why we needed to make some changes, as...
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