Many people are aware that MSN Shopping gives users the opportunity to refine their results in hard-good categories like televisions, digital cameras, computers, etc.  Attribute extraction was one of the biggest investment areas we made for our new site, and we've now grown our selection so significantly, the next step is to give our users more and more tools to help them narrow down the list of items to the things that they’re really looking for.  To help them do that, we now have category-specific refinements in over 300 categories. 


Check out the following great examples of attribute extraction in action, where you can refine the results quickly to find exactly what you're looking for.

·         Holiday Décor by holiday, or by the type of decoration

·         Men’s shirts by shirt style, sleeve length, & material as well as brand, seller & price

·         Flowers by flower type, arrangement type, and color

·         Women’s sunglasses by sunglass style, shape, brand, seller, & price

·         Loose diamonds by shape, carat, color, clarity & cut as well as price

·         Women’s coats coat style and material

·         Office chairs upholstery and chair style as well as price, brand & seller

·         Women’s pants Refine by pant cut and material type

·         Decorative mirrors Sort mirrors by type, shape & feature


Chris Jolley, Group Programming Manager