MSN Shopping has just released our first version of the shopping gadget on  To get to it, expand the Start sidebar and click on Shopping under Gadgets (circled in the image below). It leverages our current RSS implementation on the MSN Shopping site. We grappled with how much information and functionality to include in this first release but decided that simple is best and followed the simplicity of the other Start gadgets.

When you first open the Shopping gadget you get a clean and simple search box (1 in the image below) which exposes MSN Shopping’s rich product universe. The featured items list gives you quick links to interesting collections. You have the ability to see the product descriptions within the gadget itself and your last 3 searches are saved (2 in the image below) with the ability to remove one or all (if you so desire). I would love to hear thoughts, ideas, critiques, or just plain feedback. Email me at

Cristina Colby
Program Manager
MSN Shopping