MSN Shopping is very pleased and excited to announce the launch of the new Shopping site on ninemsn in Australia! The new site is built upon the same application platform recently released in the United States, and demonstrates the MSN Shopping team’s commitment to providing high quality tools and services to our partners and customers worldwide.

The new Shopping site was configured, prepped for content, and deployed in two months. It currently host more than 200 retailers and boasts 200,000 products—efforts are already underway to double the number of products in the very near future! This was made possible due to the site’s flexible and scalable platform, which allows our partners to tailor the site experience to meet their customers’ needs.  Stay tuned and look for other new sites/locales to follow!

A few words from Caroline Borge, Executive Producer - Shopping, ninemsn in Australia:

The new Shopping site will continue our status as the No.1 shopping site in Australia and provides the opportunity to now become the largest Shopping site in Australia. Our objective is to attract more customers who come back more often, and who purchase more online. We have more products and stores to browse through, with anything from refrigerators to plasma TVs, tents, and all your everyday items such as computers, cameras, beauty, books, music and movies. You can research, find and purchase exactly what you are looking for.

This was an incredible feat to have achieved in just two months, and we thank everyone - in Redmond and Australia - for making this launch a reality.

Below are some screenshots of the fantastic new site:

Category page for Home and Garden


Category page for Computing


Mike Clements
Platform Program Management
MSN Shopping