November, 2005

  • MSN Shopping Insider

    "Shopping in your Undies" with Cedric the Entertainer

    In celebration of the festive holiday season, MSN Shopping sponsored today's "Shopping in your Undies" event with Cedric the Entertainer in New York City's Times Square. Today's event and all surrounding activities highlighted the ease and convenience...
  • MSN Shopping Insider

    Cyber Monday

    Most of us in the online space have known for a while that consumers like to shop while at work. We’ve also known that Black Friday was not as big online as it is offline. Now, the mainstream press have got a hold of the data and coined a new term, Cyber...
  • MSN Shopping Insider

    Just Released: MSN Shopping Instant Answers on MSN Search

    Today we released a new feature on MSN Search called MSN Shopping Instant Answers. MSN Search Instant Answers are designed to provide better access to highly-relevant information with immediate utility. At the end of the day, we hope we can connect people...
  • MSN Shopping Insider

    "MSN Mother of all Shopping" Campaign with Shirley Jones

    In an effort to show our customers how committed MSN Shopping is to providing an easy and fun online shopping experience, MSN Shopping has teamed up with Shirley Jones, also known as “Mrs. Partridge" from TV’s classic The Partridge Family , to create...
  • MSN Shopping Insider

    Getting the MSN Shopping message to consumers

    As you may know, we announced our new MSN Shopping site in August , and have continued to improve our consumer experience over the past few months. One of the more recent things we have done is to prepare a fantastic holiday offering and shopping experience...
  • MSN Shopping Insider

    Holiday Merchandising on MSN Shopping

    Now that MSN Shopping’s selection is filled with more than 30 million offers, we are especially focused on developing new and unique ways to merchandise our selection and best deals for customers. Offering great prices and merchandising them is critical...
  • MSN Shopping Insider

    Community Price Patrol on MSN Shopping

    Just released is our new “community price patrol” feature which allows customers to report price errors on the MSN Shopping site. This feature is now available on the 'prices pages' in the form of a link called “Report error in price", which is located...
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