Just released is our new “community price patrol” feature which allows customers to report price errors on the MSN Shopping site. This feature is now available on the 'prices pages' in the form of a link called “Report error in price", which is located at the footer of the page.

How it works: A) Click the "Report an error" link and an inline form displays. B) Click on the price that is incorrect - Step 1 of the form will be populated; Step 2 allows you to select from four possible errors; Step 3 allows you to enter comments. C) The customer is sent a 'Thank you' upon submission. See the images below or visit the following example page for more detail.

Not only do we want to glean as much feedback as we can about the quality of the data we present on Shopping, but we are also interested in understanding how our customers perceive the problems they encounter. Prices on the site are gathered from merchants in the form of feeds. The majority of price errors are due to data lag issues, rather than purposeful manipulation to get higher placement via price sorting. Sometimes the prices are erroneous due to short delays in processing the feeds, other times they are due to merchants changing their process, or just plain incorrect pricing. With this new feature, our customers have a simple way to quickly and anonymously report pricing errors on MSN Shopping. With this information we will improve the quality of our data and create a better customer experience.

Below are some screenshots of the new community price patrol feature and user flow:

A. Click “Report error in Price” at the bottom of the prices page.

B. Report error bubble – click on the price you wish to report and follow the steps.

C. Receive a Thank you upon submission.

Cristina Colby
Program Manager
MSN Shopping