Now that MSN Shopping’s selection is filled with more than 30 million offers, we are especially focused on developing new and unique ways to merchandise our selection and best deals for customers. Offering great prices and merchandising them is critical to the success of online shopping portals like MSN. When customers find what they are looking for at the right price, we have accomplished our mission. 

A DSN Retailing Today article states, “The fundamentals of driving traffic online are the same as driving traffic to stores – create excitement, create a sense of “you’re only going to find this here”. Successful online sites today are offering a broad assortment of exclusive items, items that can’t be found in stores and often carry a higher price tag than in-store offerings.

This holiday, we kicked off the MSN Shopping Holiday Exclusive Program, which is now live on our site. The program is offering one-day-only sales exclusives to MSN Shoppers on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from November 1st through December 23rd. The merchandising done within MSN Shopping’s category pages, Holiday Guide, and exclusives program is second-to-none compared to their biggest competitors on the web. Within the Holiday Guide, we are merchandising items in compellings lists, such as the Top 10 Gifts by Store, where customers can see what is hot this year by category and store. Our Thanksgiving Guide is also packed with the necessary cookware, appliances, and decorating tips to make it a memorable holiday.

The category management team merchandises each category, cross merchandises across the MSN network, studies user needs, and works with design and editorial teams to deliver a shopping portal experience unlike any other on the web today. We invite you to experience holiday shopping on MSN Shopping this season - we welcome your feedback.

Below are some screenshots of the MSN Shopping Holiday Guide and Exclusives page.

Holiday Guide Hub page

Holiday Exclusives page

Karen Reed
Lead Category Manager
MSN Shopping