As the marketing manager, Carrie Shursen is responsible for ensuring that both consumers and industry influentials stay current on all the exciting new features and news related to MSN Shopping. To do this, Carrie works with experts in the fields of advertising, PR, experiential marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) to drive traffic to MSN Shopping and keep our customers satisfied and coming back for more!

Before Microsoft, Carrie was at Dell, Inc. in Austin, TX where she did product marketing.  Carrie is a native of St. Paul, MN and has an accounting degree from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from the University of Texas (go Badgers and Longhorns!).

Outside of work, Carrie enjoys skiing (which she will be able to do a lot more of in the Northwest than she did in Texas), running, reading and traveling.  As she needs to keep up with the competition, she is also an avid shopper!

Carrie with her mom in front of the troll in Fremont, a funky neighborhood in Seattle