In celebration of the festive holiday season, MSN Shopping sponsored today's "Shopping in your Undies" event with Cedric the Entertainer in New York City's Times Square. Today's event and all surrounding activities highlighted the ease and convenience of MSN Shopping, ultimately delivering the message that "Shopping on MSN is so easy and convenient that you can do it in your undies!"

During the event, MSN Shopping spokesperson, Cedric the Entertainer, officially kicked off the "holiday shopping-in-your-underwear season". Cedric appeared on stage in his boxer shorts surrounded by an army of regular joe's - also in their boxer shorts - called the “MSN Shopping Undies Posse." Cedric shared a few words with the crowd about his disdain for traditional Holiday shopping, and how he would much rather do his holiday shopping at online at home and in his undies! Cedric then launched the MSN Shopping truck, which proceeded around Manhattan, visiting various popular shopping destinations where the "MSN Shopping Undies Posse" distributed MSN Shopping gifts and prizes.

The MSN Shopping Truck, which was enclosed in glass, began at Father Duffy Square. Inside the truck, a few members of the “MSN Shopping Undies Posse” depicted a scene of regular people shopping in their undies from the comfort of their own "home". The event took place at 10:00 a.m. and was open to invited press, photographers and the general public.

Below are some screenshots from today's event with Cedric the Entertainer:


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Carrie Shursen
MSN Shopping Marketing