One of the exciting areas the MSN Shopping Creative Team worked on this month is a friendly print feature. There is no separate button or control needed as it is integrated site-wide via a style sheet, and works transparently with the browser. All the shopper needs to do is hit file>print or use the regular browser print icon. We kept the printed content area as clear and clean as possible.

The style sheet removes the following elements that are useful on a web page but not needed for a print page.  

  • ads and design elements
  • headers and footers
  • navigation  

The only page type it doesn’t apply to yet is the comparison page (which allows shoppers to compare multiple products side by side), as the page could conceivably scroll sideways through some 50 products, and that doesn’t fit well on your average print page. 

Here is a results page on our site and below is the print version of this page:

Here is what the printed page looks like:

Rhea Loader
Lead Designer
MSN Shopping