My colleague Damana is running Windows 8 Application Excellence labs too, and she’s compiled a list of tips for developers looking to sail through our pre-certification scrub: Preparing for Win8 App Excellence Labs.

You will hear people say that the labs are there to grant early access via developer tokens but this is not the case. Our primary purpose is to communicate a common understanding of the design guidelines (both technical and user experience) that make up the new Win8 user interface and underlying technology.

Over time, I have built up a list of useful links to help developers get their apps in to shape so they are most of the way there when they hit App Excellence labs or for when they submit to the store themselves.

imageWe push apps through a checklist built from MSDN and //build guidance and best practices, designed to improve consistency and usability when they hit the Store – so that learning to use one app puts you in a better position to learn other apps. And I can personally guarantee that having someone else look at your app is the best way of working out what items you might otherwise have missed – a different perspective is almost always invaluable.

Head over to her post for the list!

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor