Brad Linscott is a very experienced Premier Field Engineer from the .Net development side of the house (Ed: who originally trained me in .Net Debugging techniques, oh, eight? years ago?) and he’s published a video series on .Net Debugging on Channel 9, which runs you from the basics to some quite advanced techniques in .Net debugging, as performed by the experts!

This series was created based off of a thread on the Channel 9 Site Feedback forum. Read the original post here. We heard what you wanted, so we created the first .NET Debugging Starter Kit series. With the help of Brad Linscott, Premier Field Engineer, this series will teach you how to use various tools, including the Debugging Tools for Windows package (windbg), to resolve your .NET application issues in a production and pre-production environment, including post-mortem analysis of dump files.

It’s a series of shortish videos (given the subject depth), which is nice and lunch-break friendly. Or you could replace your mandatory afternoon snooze with learnings!

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor, and a table as well.