A first look at Visual Studio 2012 and the ASP.net 4.5 project template for WebForms

A first look at Visual Studio 2012 and the ASP.net 4.5 project template for WebForms

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When it comes to helping our customers in France with deep kevel IIS issues, the name Paul Cociuba comes up very quickly. He is working as an Escalation Engineer in the Microsoft Global Business Support Team based out of Paris. Let´s join Paul to take us through Visual Studio 2012 and ASP.net in this 12 Video series.

This twelve video series will focus on showing off some of the new features that come with ASP.net 4.5 Web Forms and Visual Studio 2012. In each video of the series I will continue building a data driven application while using new features introduced by both ASP.net 4.5 and Visual Studio to increase productivity and deployment.

To start with, let’s look at the development paradigms that are available in ASP.net, to understand how these relate to each other and to something called ‘One ASP.net’. We then continue to look at the new ASP.net WebForms project template introduced by Visual Studio 2012 as well as the enhancements of this version of ASP.net WebForms over its previous releases.

For your convenience, here’s the video timeline (note that it will launch a new browser Windows):

  • [0:42] ASP.net development paradigms – ASP.net WebForms, ASP.net MVC and WebPages ,Which one is Best?
  • [3:30] New features introduced into Visual Studio 2012, This series will focus on WebForms applications
  • [5:00] Visual Studio offers support for all browsers on the machine
  • [5:36] The WebForms’ template markup has been cleaned up and is now HTML 5 compliant
  • [9:00] A look at the CSS editor in Visual Studio which has finally promoted CSS to a first class citizen in the IDE
  • [10:50] A quick look at new forms of authentication
  • [12:35] The Nuget Package Manager now allows you to manage virtually all the add-ons you will need for your site
  • [15:00] A closer look at the out of the box support for LocalDB which is new in Visual Studio 2012

The next video in the series will focus on starting to build the application from the new project template, and slowly start to add features until we complete the tutorial, so stay tuned.

You can also see more interesting articles on ASP.net and IIS by checking out my Bookmarks.

Thank you for watching!

Original content from Paul Cociuba; posted by MSPFE Editor Aydin Aslaner
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