Who doesn’t like to be famous and valuable sign inside people’s brain !! You might be not sure about being one of them, my advice to you let your dreams reach its maximum level. Live as famous, smart and valuable people at least because you want that and the chance might seem far so as a result you will know the way to live after achieving it.

Microsoft Student Partner program gave me a really great spot light to shine. I do remember one day when I was about to finish my school my close friends asked me what I want to be in the future.I just told them that I want to be part of a big software company like Microsoft someday.

They just laughed and said:” come on it is really hard even to get inside it “. I just said: “who knows! “

In 2012 I got accepted in MSP Program and felt the glory  and I remembered that dreams might become real one day. My dreams don't end here, they have just started.

I have learnt a lot as an MSP and I would like to express some quotes that had a place inside my brain. 

“Never lose belief about your ability, passion and dreams because there is always a time to wake up and shine”.

”Responsibility never talk about itself you have to realize it ”

”Chances can be exploited by the smart effort strategy “

“Time is always running. Be beside it as much as you can, until you are used to run like time”

“ Love is able to create talents, love yourself”

“Respect is the best ticket to get your social goals”

“Teamwork will  show you the right  evaluation for yourself inside  best  society interaction kind  you can have, so always look for a team to work with “