This is a dedicated blog for Microsoft Student Partners in Lebanon. You can find the recent activities, events, news and MSPs experiences with the program.

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  • Blog Post: "C# Cheat Sheet for WindowsPhone" - Vol.2 by Moalla Ilani

    Is it the first time you develop on windows phone platform? Well, you are in the right place … no need to be confused, in the previous post we mentioned that new developers spend hours lost searching for basic codes to run their first Hello World ! app, and this step is grateful, but now no need...
  • Blog Post: "W8.1 C# Cheat Sheet Vol.1" by Moalla Ilani

    After a long experience with new developer students , I have seen some are thirsty for very basic codes to startup their first apps. Some spend hours on search engines to find the codes they need from open source websites, and from professional point of view, being familiar with search engines is a great...
  • Blog Post: " Tips to shine at MSP Program " by Hassan Shaddad

    A Microsoft Student Partner “MSP” should do several activities or duties during the MSP program. But do these duties make him an ideal MSP? The answer is “NO”. There are other activities that should be done to make the MSP ideal and shiny. 1- Quality not Quantity: MSP...
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