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The Microsoft in Power & Utilities blog discusses the emerging technological and economic challenges facing the global Utility industry and how Utilities can innovate through a strategy based on devices and services to transform and grow their business

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  • Blog Post: CLP Holdings’ CEO Demonstrates the Paradox Facing Today’s Utility Executives

    The main challenge to utilities today? Uncertainty! Just take a look at the CNBC interview of Andrew Brandler, CEO of CLP Holdings , shortly before Christmas. Brandler talks about the industry’s acknowledgement of the need for “de-carbonization,” or ending the reliance on fossil-fueled energy sources...
  • Blog Post: Hydrogen Energy: The Lost Option?

    Back in January I gave a keynote address at the Northwest Energy Innovation Summit in Boise, Idaho on the topic of Empowering Excellence in the Smart Energy Ecosystem. Other speakers at this excellent forum included former CIA Director James Woolsey, GE Power and Energy president Steve Bolze, Rocky Mountain...
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