Being a Microsoft Student Partner includes a lot of benefits, exposure in the university, training, free Microsoft software, reference materials, betas, direct interaction with Microsoft and more.image

But now MSPs have access to 10 Free MCTS Certification vouchers, of course they will not  use them all, the plan is to give the ones they don’t use to other fellow students. So if you know one MSP ask him for a voucher. He will have an answer for you.

Another interesting certification is the AdCenter certification. The Microsoft adExcellence program offers free training to help you become a Microsoft adCenter expert. Training also  prepares you for the Microsoft adExcellence accreditation exam, enabling you to increase your industry recognition and help improve the overall ROI for you and your customers.image

Students can use this code to become adExcellence certified at no charge through May 1st: MADC2009 Microsoft AdExcellence certification

So as always you need balance, a great website and customers that are aware of it.

This is a good combo