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The basics: Doing a mail-merge

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The basics: Doing a mail-merge

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I know, it sounds simple enough, right?  Actually, it is; however, there are many people who still don’t use this feature or just how easy it really is to do.  As such, I thought I would post about an online tutorial you can go through to learn the basics about doing a mail-merge.  It is a great feature to use and it can be used for letters, cards, envelopes, emails, flyers, advertising, etc.  I hope this helps out.


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  • Great Idea Eric, BTW, I recently discovered something in Publisher that was WAY cool. In the Mail Merge area there is a facility to make a catalog! I used this to create and print a catalog with photographs (using data contained in an Excel spreadsheet) for my wifes art. This was just the ticket. Regards,
  • A catalog! Duh now that would be a great leave behind at client sites. We could drop in pictures of a few of our resell products including hardware and software... Anne Stanton
  • I can't seem to find an answer for this anywhere...

    I am creating a mail merge with several (40 or so) different letters. When I send it to the printer and ask it to staple, it staples the ENTIRE print job together. How can I create a document break so the printer will recognize that there are several different documents in this one print job?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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