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So where’s my January Action Pack kit? Anyone wondering this?

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So where’s my January Action Pack kit? Anyone wondering this?

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If you are wondering where your January Action Pack Kit is and when you’ll have it , here is an update for you.  The message below came from the Action Pack Team and you will see it shortly on the Microsoft Partner Page; however, I wanted to get it to you as soon as possible so you had the information.  Also, be sure to check out the update I added to the end based on some information that was confirmed just this afternoon:



Dear Microsoft Partner,


This is to inform you of the estimated delivery date of the January Action Pack (quarterly update). The January kit is a Special Launch Edition featuring Windows Vista, Microsoft 2007 Office System and special information on Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2.


We know that you’re anxious to receive this kit, and we want to get it into your hands as soon as possible. However, in order to meet the customer demand due to the overwhelming response for the new Windows Vista and Office products, our January Action Pack kit is delayed. We understand the importance of our partners receiving these products before the general public, and we are doing everything possible to make this happen. However, our estimated ship dates by region are as follows:


  • North America – January 19th
  • Europe – January 22nd
  • Asia Pacific – February 5th


We apologize profusely for the delay.


In addition, we are continually updating the Partner website with additional information about the January update kit. Please check this site regularly in order to receive the latest information (Action Pack information can be found under the “Program Membership” tab.)


Thank you for your understanding and your patience.


The Microsoft Partner Program


UPDATE:  Knowing the importance of getting the Action Pack contents into the hands of our Partners, re-iterated by the feedback you have provided us on this subject, the US Team is funding expedited ground shipping for all US Partners for the January kit.  We are staggering the shipments across several days in order to manage load, so receipt times for partners will vary; however, all should receive their packages within 5 days of shipment. If you have any questions about your shipment status, please contact the Regional Service Center at or 1-877-283-1925.


Thank you and have a wonderful day,


Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights

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  • Thanks for this important information and expediency.

  • This is the second time in consecutive quarters that the MAPS have been delayed. As a Partner, I feel slighted a bit. What is going on with the MAPS???

  • And another thing, again WHY AM I READING ABOUT THIS ON A BLOG?!?

    I am a Microsoft Partner. I have yet received anything official from MAPS concerning the downgrade rights or quarterly delays. This is unacceptable. If I did not religiously read your blog, I would be totally in the dark concerning MAPS. How about a newsletter, your at least an email.

  • Great Info Eric...Thanks for the Post! I will post it to my User Group today.

  • This is interesting because I phoned my distribution centre (Europe) on Friday and they told me that my pack had shipped on 15th Jan. No sign of it arriving yet though.

  • I talked to MAPS a couple times this week. I'm rather paranoid about packages going through the mail so I'm constantly trying to get tracking numbers. I was initially told that the tracking number was "unavailable", then I recieved a tracking number that didn't work, and was then told that it was the wrong number and that I "would not be recieving a new tracking number" at all...

  • I'm also a bit annoyed that Microsoft has not communicated this to its partners. It is not hard to send an email that says, "Due to great market demand and an extra busy load this quarter, the January 2007 quarterly update for MAPS has been delayed. New shipping dates are as follows....

    There. 1 minute to create such an email. Instead, I have somebody checking our mail every day to see if we've received a package from Microsoft. We were out of town over the weekend, and I have actually been concerned that someone may have stole it, because packages get left at our front door.

    A little basic communication would be appreciated, and furthermore is expected in normal business.

    Otherwise, I'm generally happy with the ActionPacks (however, I would really like to see us get Outlook w/ BCM 2007 & Office Accounting 2007, since these products have a lot of features geared to our SMB clients).


  • So...has anyone gotten their January Update yet?

    I call the MAPS office and was told it shipped on the 15th (not the 19th as listed above)....but no sign of it yet.

  • Anyone ?

  • I called yesterday and they too said it had shipped on the 15th for North America.  I was told that if I still haven't received it by the 30th to call them again.  Granted that is the day Vista goes to retail and we were supposed to have it before then to explain to customers and such.

    Great job Microsoft.

  • It's January 29 and I don't know where my Action Pack is. Will it arirve before I renew at the end of February? You seem to have a problem in Chicago.

  • I called last week and was told that the Action Pack would arrive in the first two weeks of February. Looks like they are telling everybody different things? Seeing I and most likely you, have not recieved anything.... maybe we will see this sometime this quarter.

  • So what happened to the expedited shipping mentioned above?????

    Clearly there was a screwup somewhere.

    You would think that by now a simple email to the partners as to the real story would come out.

    How about an update ??

  • In NY still haven't received my Action Pack, they told me to call if I don't receive it by February 6.

    On top of that, I found out 2 things that I'm not all too happy about:

    1. Vista has to be installed over an existing installation of XP SP2 (you can't do a clean install, even if you have an XP CD)

    2. 64-bit edition of Vista Business is not included, and the only way to get it is to purchase it retail (my understanding is that retail customers are able to get the 64-bit media of whatever version they purchased at no cost, except for a small shipping & handling fee).

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